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Gears Of War Judgement  

by Microsoft

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Third Person Shooter


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“Gears of War: Judgment” takes place 14 years before the original “Gears of War” and just after the seminal event of the “Gears” universe, Emergence Day. In this story you’ll fight to save the city of Halvo Bay from a terrifying new enemy in a campaign that gets back to basics and captures the true essence of “Gears” combat, and introduces a new style of gameplay that’s faster-paced and more action-packed than ever before.

You’ll do it all from the perspective of Kilo Squad, led by fan-favourite Damon Baird, and battle ferocious new enemies with an expanded arsenal of weapons.The story of “Gears of War: Judgment” is told in part through a series of flashbacks. As war rages around them, Kilo Squad is put on trial. The events that led up to their looming court-martial will unfold as testimony which you will experience firsthand.You have the option to play the campaign levels of “Gears of War: Judgment” as presented, or increase the difficulty by declassifying critical information with the new Declassified Testimony system. By declassifying testimony within the course of the campaign, weapons and alternate scenarios will be unlocked and change the way you face enemies going forward.

  • Characters

Name: Damon Baird
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
The Baird we meet in GOW:J has been a lieutenant for exactly one week. This fifteen-year-younger Baird is still something of an idealist when it comes to the COG. He’s snarky, but not yet cynical. Funny, but not yet embittered. He’s proud of his commission and has every intention to excel as an officer.

Name: Augustus Cole
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 lbs
A mere two months before the events of GOW:J, Cole was still a Thrashball star, beloved by millions around Sera. Thus, the Cole of this period is still struggling with his sudden loss of fame and the life of a soldier. Cole has yet to adopt his persona as a gleeful, battle-ready killing machine.

Name: Sofia Hendrick
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Sofia is an Onyx Guard cadet who, during the chaos of the attack on Halvo Bay, wound up being assigned to Baird’s fire team. Sofia started her professional life as a war correspondent covering the end of the Pendulum Wars. She witnessed many atrocities, which strengthened her view that war, properly waged, must be ethical for victory to matter. She enlisted after E-day and was instantly shifted over to the Halvo Bay Military Academy, where she’s been training as a medic.

Name: Garron Paduk
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs
During the Pendulum Wars, Paduk fought for the UIR. His home nation of Gorasnaya was devastated by Locust forces shortly after E-day; Paduk was among a small group of refugees evacuated by the COG navy. As Gorasnaya refused to surrender at the end of the Pendulum Wars, Paduk was originally considered to be a POW by the COG. But after demanding that he had a right to fight the Locust, he became the charter member of the COG’s Open Arms Program for former enemy combatants willing to fight the Locust. After swearing an oath of allegiance to the COG, Paduk was assigned to Kilo Squad.

Name: Ezra Loomis
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Colonel Loomis believes in the COG and believes he knows what it stands for, what it is, and what it must be to succeed. He’s never known anything but military life and has little regard for civilians or civilian living. Furthermore, he’s stuck in a Pendulum Wars mindset and disastrously expects to achieve victory over the Locust through body counts and captured territory.

  • Weapons

Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
Designed to cut through the tough hide of a Locust soldier. To activate the Lancer's Chainsaw Bayonet, hold [B]. This unique melee attack is designed to take out most (but not all!) enemies in a single cut and can also be used to clear certain obstacles.

The Booshka is a devastating grenade launcher of UIR design. It is capable of lobbing smart shells that detonate on direct impact with an enemy, or bounce off walls and other obstacles to detonate off a brief timer.

Breech Shot
The Locust are more than just a brute force, and the Breechshot is a shining example of their ingenuity and tactics: the base of the gun is a confiscated UIR Markza that has been converted to inflict massive amounts of damage. The barrel has a larger bore to support a higher caliber projectile, and the stock has been retrofitted with a vicious blade making this versatile weapon perfect for short to medium range combat.

Digger Launcher
One of the most unusual arms in the Locust arsenal, the Digger Launcher propels explosive-laden creatures toward enemy targets to dig under cover and reemerge just before detonating. Hold [LT] to see the Digger Grenade's attack path and aim at your target. Pull [RT] to fire.

A long-range rifle, the Longshot Sniper can kill most Locust with a single headshot. To activate the integrated sniper scope, hold [LT], then click [RS] to zoom. A perfect active reload increases headshot damage-keep your hand steady and make heads roll!

Before the Locust invaded Sera, the people of the COG had spent decades at war with the Union of Independent Republics, and the Markza is one of the UIR's most infamous weapons. This semi-automatic rifle is perfect for medium range combat, with a deep clip and an attached scope that extends its effective range and ensures greater accuracy at distance.

The Mulcher can be fired from the hip, but is far more accurate when mounted on a stable surface by holding [LT]. To fire, hold [RT]. The Mulcher can fire continuously until you release the trigger, its ammo runs out, or the barrel overheats. To cool the Mulcher, press [RB].

  • Multiplayer

Gondola: The Coastal Villa Apartments are part of the exclusive Halvo community located in the prestigious Agora foothills. Residents enjoy a host of interior upgrades, and each unit features an ocean view from a private patio or balcony. This quiet, gated community is located only a short gondola ride from the renowned shops and businesses of our active and thriving coastal community.

Island: This archipelago of islands off the coast of Halvo Bay serves as a supply and refueling depot that feeds the larger military machine along the coast. The individual islands are connected by a series of bridges and tunnels, forming a network of unknown size and security. This is restricted territory, and civilians are not permitted on, or even near, any of the islands.

Junkyard: When the Locust invaded Halvo Bay, they attacked from all sides. A patrol of COG soldiers noticed the mass of Kryll pouring from the Angry Bear Waste Disposal yard and what followed was one of the strangest battles of the war; in order to save the city, the COG found themselves defending (of all places) a junkyard. This lone patrol had to hold the Locust at bay until an HOD satellite could be aligned to seal off the E Holes, permanently.

Library: The Alexiy Desipich Memorial Library is not a library in the traditional sense, but rather an archive of important documents surrounding his life, career, and personal interests. An avid historian, politician, and philosopher, Desipich is most remembered as the father and creator of the Austere Canon, the basis for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, which was shaped around eight guiding principles: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility.

Skyline: When the Locust started emerging from holes in the ground - holes that could appear anywhere at any time - many felt that the safest place to go was "up". These refugees banded together into rooftop camps, sharing supplies, constructing shelters, and forming communities that were often stranded from the world at large.

Shleter: The back alleys and blue collar sections of Halvo Bay will never appear on a tourist's postcard, but these industrial roads and facilities are the true heartbeat of the city. Climbing to the rooftops won't improve the view - or the smell - but it will provide a better vantage point from which to set up defenses. Just be careful at night; you could end up smelted in the steelworks, or left as meat for the butcher.