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Turtle Beach PX4 Headset

Turtle Beach PX4 Headset

Release: 28/11/2013

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Genre Accessories

Version PAL



In the Box:
  • PX4 Gaming Headset compatible with PS4 day one
  • Digital RF wireless transmitter
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm mobile adapter cable
  • Digital optical cable
  • Headset charging cable
  • Xbox 360 talkback cable
  • Turtle Beach sticker
  • Quick-start guide
When it's do or die on the battlefield, the slightest edge in your game can make the difference between victory and defeat. When the clock is winding down and the lead is flip-flopping between your team and your opponent every few seconds, you need to know that you have every advantage in your arsenal. This is combat and you can't let your team down. With the incredibly immersive, amazingly rich audio created by the Dolby Digital surround sound technology in this Ear Force PX4 Headset for PS4 and PS3, as well as an extraordinarily comprehensive list of other features, you have the power of hearing on your side. This headset paints a detailed soundscape that makes it nearly impossible for an enemy soldier to sneak up on you or take you by surprise. It looks like victory is yours.

Not only does the Dolby Digital surround sound technology create a rich soundscape, but it allows you to pinpoint the direction of every sound for detailed directionality that makes you feel like you're really inside the game or movie with adjustable surround sound angles that enable you to totally customize the positioning of the audio. For further audio advantages, the headset features multiple EQ presets, including bass and treble boost, plus separate game and chat volumes to put the controls in your hands. Dynamic chat boost automatically increases the chat volume as the explosive on-screen action gets louder, and the variable microphone monitor makes it easy to adjust the level of your voice heard in the headset. Dual-band wireless provides interference-free audio from nearly anywhere in the room, while dual-pairing Bluetooth capabilities make it simple to simultaneously chat on PSN or answer a phone call while you're gaming. The rechargeable battery enables up to 15 hours of continuous play time, so you don't have to worry about pausing your marathon sessions to juice up your headset, and a thick, padded, adjustable headband with breathable mesh ear cushions ensure you're comfortable the entire time. Get ready to game with the freedom of amazing audio on your side.


Product Features

  • Accurately pinpoint the direction of the sounds in your game with the immersive quality of Dolby Digital surround sound technology
  • Personalize your listening experience by adjusting the positioning of the virtual surround sound angles
  • Enjoy clear audio and consistent communication with the 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi frequency that virtually eliminates interference from other wireless devices
  • Communicate with teammates, issue commands on the battlefield or taunt your opponent comfortably without cumbersome wires thanks to the wireless design
  • Fine-tune your listening experience with multiple equalizer presets, including bass and treble boost combinations, and easily hear other players clearly with the Dynamic Chat Boost that automatically increases the chat volume as the game gets louder
  • Personalize your audio with independent volume controls, which let you precisely balance game and chat audio
  • Use the microphone monitor to hear your own voice in the headset, so you won't have to shout over the explosive action
  • Stay comfortable during extended gaming sessions with the thick, padded, adjustable headband and breathable mesh ear cushions
  • Answer calls without interrupting your game with dual-pairing Bluetooth capabilities and chat wirelessly with your buddies on PSN
  • Stay in the action without worrying about battery life, thanks to the rechargeable battery's ability to deliver up to 15 hours of continuous play
  • Also compatible with Xbox 360, mobile devices.


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