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Dawn of War 2: Retribution Collectors Edition

Dawn of War 2: Retribution Collectors Edition

Release: 04/03/2011

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Genre Strategy

Online Possible

Players 6

Support DVD

Version PAL



Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 2 Collectors Edition Content:

  • Retribution PC game
  • Race artcards
  • Poster
  • Unlockable bonus items


Multi-Race Campaign

  • For the first time in the Dawn of War II series, choose from 6 different playable races and play through a customized single player campaign for each.

Army Builder Metagame

  • Upgrade your heroes and unlock new buildable units as you progress through the single player campaign.

New Super Heavy Units in Multiplayer!

  • Take the battle online once again in 1-6 player matches and field your new Super Heavy Units, unique to each of the 6 playable races.

Ten years after the events of Chaos Rising and the fall of the Blood Raven’s Chapter Master to the forces of Chaos, Sub-Sector Aurelia remains in a constant state of warfare. The pirate Freebooter Orks have arrived to take advantage of this and loot the sector, the vile forces of Chaos continue to spread their blasphemy, the Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc work to recover key artifacts from their past, and the feral Tyranids remaining from the failed Hive fleet invasion have suddently reestablished contact with the Hive mind.





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