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PSP Black Slim & Lite Console

PSP Black Slim & Lite Console

Release: 14/09/2007

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The new PSP Slim model gaming console from Sony is 33% lighter and 20% slimmer than the original PSP system.The PSP Slim and Lite model has removed the metal chassis but has, improved WLAN modules and Micro-controller and a thinner and much lighter LCD display.

The PSP-2000 commonly known as "PSP Slim and Lite", offers several other tweaks and improvements from the older generation. It comes with doubled internal memory of 64 MB aimed to improve load times and accommodate for an improvement in the web browser's performance.

The PSP Slim and Lite model comes with a new enamel coated finish that will prevent scratches and smudges. The serial port is also in modified form as to accommodate a new video-out feature. The new model comes with a new UMD loading tray design that is more efficient in terms of size, while the Wi-Fi switch is now on the top of the console and the Memory Stick slot moved to the upper left. The speakers are now placed on the front of the PSP near the top of the screen.

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