Batman Dark Knight Play Arts Kai 10" Figure for Loot at GameStop

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Batman Dark Knight Play Arts Kai 10" Figure

Batman Dark Knight Play Arts Kai 10" Figure

Release: 29/06/2013

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Gotham City became a peaceful place after the death of DA Harvey Dent, so much that there was no longer a need for the Batman. Since then, Bruce Wayne, burdened by the conflict and struggles of being a dark hero became a recluse.

Gotham City's near-decade of peace came abruptly to an end when the villain called Bane emerged and made his attack on the city. The people of Gotham City needed the Batman once more.

Despite carrying the scars of his past battles and being burdened by his suffering, Wayne made the decision to don the cowl once again and return as the Batman.

Batman comes with 7 extra hands, and four weapons, including a batarang so you can customise his pose in many different ways, see the pic

Batman has been brought to life in this amazingly detailed Play Arts figure.

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